Shocked by Sam Gridley

I learned the term future shock long before it held any emotional resonance for me. It was the title of Alvin Toffler’s best-selling book in 1970, almost half a century ago. The term means exactly what it suggests: the sense of being overwhelmed by what Toffler called “the […]

Apocalypse All the Time by David S. Atkinson

REVIEWED BY LYNNE WEISS Apocalypse All the Time by David S. Atkinson | Literary Wanderlust, 2017| ISBN: 978-1-942856-07-8 David S. Atkinson’s Apocalypse All The Time opens with an earthquake, and proceeds from there through a series of apocalyptic events, including floods, droughts, power outages, zombies, threatened annihilation through an […]

One More Request by Lynne Weiss

We are gathering in airports and public parks. Recently, we marched together in cities and towns in red states and blue states and foreign nations. We’ve been making signs, knitting hats, posting, tweeting, calling, and writing postcards. We’re organizing and strategizing. I have just one more request, and it […]